Who am I? My name is Christopher Sharp, a dyspraxic journalist, broadcaster and, ‘technically’, racing driver. I’ve been a journalist since August 2014, starting out with Shout Out UK writing about politics, motorsport and social problems in society.

I’m apart of the Autosport Academy, co-founder of Racing Pride and just a general motorsport geek (my dissertation was on female racing drivers of the 1930s and 50s). I’m also on the hosting team (there’s nearly 20 of us) of the Riverside Radio Sports Show Saturdays 15:00-18:00.

Alongside this I’ve also been fortunate to win two awards, The Most Influential Youth Journalist 2015 and a 2017 United Peace Federation Award for Contributions to Journalism.

A lifelong Top Gear fan I’ve recently decided to branch into the world of motoring journalism. You can read my first review, of the new Toyota Supra here.

At the wheel of the Toyota Supra just before heading up Goodwood Hill.

But what IS Fast Friday?
It is my blog, my outlet, through which I deliver my views on pretty much everything with wheels as regards the motoring and motorsport world.

Fast Friday was something else a little bit different before this however.

For 2.5 years it was Central London’s only dedicated Motorsport Radio Show by virtue of being based on the Strand.

Whilst other shows just covered Formula One we covered everything from rallying to sportscar racing to MotoGP. Each week we did Reviews and Previews of the weekend’s action. This was done based on the quality of the weekend’s racing if F1 and the BTCC were on at the same time, if BTCC had better racing that weekend then that headlines.

Now it is home to Fast Thoughts and Fast Features with the latter being a slightly more developed version of the former.

For now though I hope that you enjoy my stuff but, as always, let me know if you think there’s ways it can be improved.