Insight: Why we Broadcast

Much like the person who created the render of a Peugeot 208 WRC car, though motorsport radio is not huge, it doesn’t mean that we don’t envision a time when it will be.

Its not that hard to set up a radio show, in truth if your product is niche enough it will get noticed. Handy when your audience cannot see you.

The difficulty in fact is the waiting. Waiting for the first show. Waiting for the technology to be ready. Waiting for the show ahead to be done. Waiting for the end of the first song so you can leap into the show.

It is this last part that very often sends your heart racing. You suddenly feel how racing drivers, in our head specifically Steve McQueen from the film Le Mans, felt waiting for the flag to drop so they could switch the engine on, put the car in gear and go. Though that film is fiction the sentiment is the same.

“A racing driver can’t tell you why he races, but he can show you” was one McQueen’s philosophical quotes. In the same way we can’t tell you why we broadcast but you can be witness and observe the enthusiasm, passion and effort we put into each broadcast.

Is there any fear? Fear of failure yes. Fear of not being noticed or recognised by listeners, or even of there being no listeners at all. We are both lucky and deliberate then that we do not actively search or look for our listening figures. We are only at a student level after all.

There is also to a degree a sense of the underdog spirit. Every broadcast we know we are the ones barking so that we may be heard, so that people know motorsport radio is out there and so they know motorsport as well is out there too.

In this way we’re trying to counter a sad trend in the modern media sphere. Motorsport is ignored by most news websites, it is flooded by football, rugby and cricket; those antiquarian sports. Most mainstream media outlets ignore it, or if they don’t, concentrate solely on Formula One.

We are campaigning and broadcasting so that other series may be heard, such as rallying, such as the World Endurance Championship, such as humble club racing.

We are not just a motorsport radio show on Friday’s at Midday, we’re part of a greater group just trying to heard and noticed in the same way that KCL Radio is as a whole.

Thank goodness we’ve still got cars from the WRC and World Endurance Championship then. 😉



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