Race Report: BUKC Qualifiers

You know that when the question you’re asking yourself in the kart is, ‘Which part of the tyre barrier should I hit?’, that your race has gone a bit wrong. 

Starting from the back of the grid, and with some help from a bit of red mist, I had climbed up to 24th. When the leaders came around to lap me I managed to keep up with them until, coming out of the Zulu esses I slid wide and found myself faced with this decision. Rather than take a tyre barrier to the face, I decided that my left foot and left fist would be better options.

Cue the big hit at over 30mph, a marshal running for cover and a bleeding hand (discovered post-race). Its fair to say that qualifiers didn’t go well for myself or King’s College London as a whole. In short, we didn’t qualify for the Mains Championship.

In fact, it didn’t go well for many of us. Oddly enough, in all the races that did count we either crashed or couldn’t keep up. In the one race that didn’t count I finished 22nd rather than 28th or 3rd last as I had in the two races that mattered.

The day ended with a bleeding hand, bruises everywhere and the realisation that, when flung out of your overalls at significant speed, car keys can fly quite far, right up against the turn one barrier.

Somehow, I can still look back positively. You might wonder why as the race results would suggest a complete disaster which they are.

Life though is all about looking at the wider context in the sense that, though the results weren’t there, the joy and speed most certainly were. As mentioned, before the crash I was staying with the leaders.

Furthermore, everyone who came with us and represented KCL may have left with battered bodies but also expressions of being pleased at what they had taken part in.

As I said to my Dad the morning after the race, “I’m battered, bruised, and reflective”. The team will come back stronger next year, in the meantime we’ll take on the Rookies Championship and try and win that.

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