Fast Thoughts: “Cay’man then”

The first blog post I wrote on this blog was about the current R-GT class which has recently been dominated, by virtue of it being the only car competing, the Fiat 124 Abarth. Porsche however, may have the solution. 

The cover photo above shows a Porsche Cayman rally car, specifically a Cayman GT4 racing car converted to run to R-GT specifications, replete with light pod and air restrictor.

Why is this important? Well, its not just an engineering exercise by Porsche to show off how clever they are in the way the 919 Evo was, its a genuine proposition. The company is open to entering the category, so long as it sells 100 to enter. 

Porsche’s motorsport boss, Frank-Steffen Walliser said, in a recent interview with Top Gear, “I expect if we enter a category, others will follow…There had been some GT4 racing cars around but it was never very popular. Then we entered the scene and you have 11 manufacturers in GT4.”

What’s interesting there is not only the point he’s making about Porsche being a path forger for other manufacturers, its the point he makes about the GT4 category. They wanted to take the 911, but they  it would have had to be severely toned down to fit the category.

So that begs the question, to boost the RGT category couldn’t companies just enter rally converted GT4 cars?

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But when you combine Walliser’s words with the photograph above, of the 2016 GT4 pack, it make’s sense. Particularly with the photo below of an ex-RGT Vantage, also in the back of shot above.

In my view then, it is perfectly feasible that GT4 could be the saviour of R-GT, particularly if Ginetta, Jaguar, Aston and Alpine, who unveiled their 2019 GT4 car earlier this year, took a brave pill and joined Porsche.

They would be instrumental in reviving a category that is in dire need of a renaissance. In a world of increasing electrification and where single seat formula cars are almost all single make, a strong R-GT category would bring more people to rallying and remind the world there is still more noise to be made.

After all, what was it Dylan Thomas said?

Do not go quietly into that good night. Race, race against the dying the light


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