Curfew: Sky’s loud new series

Do you remember the film I am Legend? Do you remember the film Death Race? Do you remember the films V for Vendetta and Drive? If so, then Curfew, well, it might just be for you.

Set in a near future, or at least alternative present, Curfew takes us on a rip roaring ride into a thinking face emoji. This is a ride where zombies come out and kill you at night, where there is an unnamed totalitarian government and where everyone has contemporary freedoms and where Sean Bean isn’t doing O2 adverts or Game of Thrones.

As advertised there is a race which is a ‘race to Freedom’ in which the winner gains access to ‘The Island’, a location where there are scientists searching for a cure for the zombie virus. Myth or reality, we’re really not sure on that just yet.

As a motorsport fan this series should appeal. A dangerous race with fast cars driving cross country to an as yet undesignated finishing line. Exciting. Its clear though that Sky is taking this one seriously. A star cast also bolsters the new drama with the as mentioned Bean, Billy Zane, Miranda Richardson, Rose Williams and Phoebe Fox amongst the cast.

Yet I can’t help but add into this a slight dose of realistic cynicism because, surprise, this drama is not meant to appeal to the motorsport fan. It is a smash and grab series that is dripping with aesthetic appeal that is new but also entirely borrowed.

The totalitarian government and curfew comes courtesy of V for Vendetta’s Norsefire. The weird zombie virus that means you can’t go out at a night is a direct copy of that found in Will Smith’s I am Legend. And the race for freedom that involves, guess what, death. Well I don’t think Jason Stratham thinks that that was his proudest career moment either.

Even so, I’m left wilfully interested by what happens next. There is some emotional attachment towards the family and their hound that has decided to do the race in a Volvo estate. There is some desire to see how well main protagonist ‘Kaye’ played by Phoebe Fox, gets on in her ambulance. Will it be worth all that advertising space they used up on the side of the IMAX? We’ll just have to watch next week to find out.

Verdict: If I was going to review in the true spirit of this new series I would have to borrow bits from other reviews and pass them off as my own opinion, but no. Curfew is like Drive, but with the plastic guards taken off the B&Q hardware.


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