Fast Feature: Revival Review

Christ I must be mad to be up this early, but its worth it for this moment.

Despite working at the Revival I didn’t actually see much of it. I was working in uniform drop off in Car Park C just across the road from the main entrance. My view was confined to a shipping container or a gazebo,depending on which way I positioned the chair. Safe to say it wasn’t a very exciting Revival on the face of it.

But there were highlights, I met one of my heroes for example.

Jo Ramirez was the coordinator of McLaren’s Formula One team from 1984 to 2001. He had previously worked with Tyrrell and was close friends with Ayrton Senna. You can even see him in certain shots in the Senna documentary.

Jo Ramirez with Ayrton Senna

It was all because he had passed by and taken a look at uniform drop off which was on the path customers trod to the Revival’s entrance each day. I’ll be honest I was a bit star struck and to my amazement got two handshakes. I might have also said to him the truism, “You’re a legend” and came away thinking he was as charming as everyone says he is.

Then there was another, and no offence to Jo Ramirez who was looking in good health, more beautiful moment.

My shift start time was 5am and with an hour drive I was off by 4am each day from Brighton. Inevitably the roads were quiet, the air still and the temperature low[ish]. There’s a section on the A27 when you come out of the tunnel and get a brief view of the sea and Worthing before you descend through an upward right.

On the Saturday morning the moon was looking bigger and whiter than usual, a cold sun hanging in the September sky.

Now I should say that despite everything I love early morning drives. It’s incredibly therapeutic. You’re alone in the car, the just the wind rushing past the windows as you head, like a sailor alone on watch, into the night. A sense that you’ve been given an exclusive when the world is asleep.

So it was that I came out of the tunnel and there, there was the moon and its reflection on the sea. Two beings, though the same entity, balanced in an image of beauty.

Life may be shit at times, but boy does it provide moments of beauty and that moment I was genuinely thinking, “Christ I must be mad to be up this early, but its worth it for this moment”

Thank goodness for that seventeen hour shift then…

Photo credit: Goodwood


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